Faux Wood Blinds

faux kitchen

Faux wood blinds are an economical alternative to regular wood blinds and are suitable for all rooms, especially areas with humidity and high heat, as they do not split, warp or crack. Faux wood blinds are ideal for bathrooms, garages, play areas and over kitchen sinks.

Routless blinds eliminate the light that leaks through the rout holes of fully closed blinds. Light coming through the rout holes can create glare on computer or television screens or disturbs your sleep.The routless feature reduces light leakage by eliminating the traditional rout hole through the center of the slat and replaces it with a notch on the front and back of each slat through which the control cording runs.By eliminating the rout holes, light leakage is minimized. This provides for a clean look. One further benefit is that routless slats can be easily removed for cleaning, dusting, or repair.The routless option is available in both wood and faux wood.

We bring Lexington the best faux wood blinds at amazing prices. These fauxwood blinds are made from affordable synthetic material that is also easy to maintain and care for. The fact that they can withstand high moisture and high humidity makes them perfect for high traffic, demanding environments such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Call us to get yours today!




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