Blinds & Shades: Great Ways to Add Style to Your Home

Whether you’re moving into a new home or revamping the current one, the right window treatment could enhance the appearance and aesthetic appeal of your settings by ten folds! And we’re not talking ready-made, run-of-the-mill blinds and shades.

You can now have your favorite window treatment custom-made, and designed, specifically to meet your home décor requirements. Let’s add some style to your home this season. Let your window do the talking. Here are some great blinds and shades options for your stylish home:

Style 1: Vertical Window Blinds

1If you’re looking to add an edgy look, versatility in style, look no further than vertical blinds. They’re a sharp contrast to the traditional horizontal blinds. Apart from looking great, they provide you with control over the amount of sunlight you want entering your apartment. When open, you get enough sunlight and warmth in the room, and if you need to protect your interior from the damaging rays of the sun, drawing them shut provides you with the privacy and protection.

Style 2: Sheer Shades

2Looking to breathe life into your room? There’s no better way than to allow nature to work its magic. Letting the sun into your home can add to the exuberance, warmth and charm of the environment. It also makes your interior appear bigger. These horizontal blinds, connected by high quality sheer fabric, offer you the perfect middle ground between light and privacy. This is especially useful for certain areas of the home where you want extra light, like the kitchen or the dining area.

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Style 3: Faux Wood Blinds

3Where regular wood blinds can be a pricey window treatment option, Faux Wood Blinds are the more stylish and rather economical solution that offers the same aesthetic value. Generally, they’re used in parts of the house with high levels of heat or humidity because they remain intact and durable against any cracks.

On the other hand, these blinds look great if you’re opting for a natural, comfy, and homely look, especially in the kitchen or the living room.

Style 4: Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

4Exquisitely shaped, if you take a look at these blinds from the sides, you cannot help but marvel at the intricate design. Cellular shades feature a patented double honeycomb that has a legendary reputation for energy efficient insulation. They’re created out of solid, lightweight cloth-like fabric, with an integrated foil technology that can be used to open the shades in a top down/bottom up direction – or both!

Now that you’ve seen the best trends in window blinds and shades, get started on designing your home now. Based in Lexington, KY, Miller’s Window Works offer a range of designer and affordably priced blinds, shades, draperies and shutters!

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