Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Solar Screen Shades

Looking to reduce the harsh glare of the sun, while at the same time maintain the stunning view? Who said you can’t have it all? With solar screen shades, you can now get the right protection without sacrificing style or view.

With a unique combination of mesh and polymer, these shades use different opacity of fabrics to cover the entire window. The aesthetics, design, variety and durability make solar screens the new hot window treatment method. Need more convincing? We’ve got you covered. Here are some reasons why we love solar shades, and why you need them!

They Block Up To 100% of Sunlight

If you’re located in a setting where your home is constantly assaulted by the harsh sunlight, the heat can become uncomfortable, if not unbearable. Solar screens block out the UV rays completely, reducing the temperature by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and ultimately preventing the heat from making its presence known in your humble abode.

You Have Expensive Furniture

Have you noticed how over some time, your favorite patio furniture begins to lose its glow? This is because it is exposed to the sun all day. Most furniture, if kept in direct sunlight, can be prone to damage, in the form of fading. By installing solar screen shades, you control the intensity of light, from harsh, to diffused, keeping the furnishing secure.

They Reduce Your Utility Bills

As a home owner, you’re probably keen on jumping on the bandwagon of the “energy efficient” home. The costs of heating and cooling are growing every day, and so are your other expenses; not to mention the environment friendly implications associated with the idea. In these times, solar screens are viewed as an investment, drastically reducing utility bills up to 30%.

You Can Have Them Customized

From the fabric to the hems and the opacity, you can design you solar screens to match your personal taste and furnishing. You get to keep your home secure from the sun, while dressing your windows with the latest fashion!

Sun Blocking, While Maintaining the Gorgeous View

Shades are an excellent window dressing choice if you have a view outside that you wish to maintain. The opacity and the sheer fabric can be custom designed, so that you get the UV protection you want with a breathtaking view.

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