Solar Screen Shades

lexington ky sunscreens

We manufacture our solar screen shades right here in the Lexington Kentucky area.

Our screens provide the highest efficiency rating with up to 100% of sun control while keeping excellent outward views and security. The special coatings we use allow our screens to maintain their beauty and are virtually maintenance free.

After you witness the benefits of solar screens first hand, you will see why most previous customers make installing solar screens one of their first priorities when moving into a new home. In addition to solar screens paying for themselves with utility savings, they will also increase the value of your home as well.

Solar shades, also called solar screen shades are a type of roller shade typically made from a synthetic mesh fabric. Solar screen shades come in different levels of opaqueness depending on how much light control or privacy you desire.

Solar screen shades offer an alternative to standard roller shades by the fact that solar screen shades reduce the glare of the sun thereby protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays, all while maintaining a view of the outside.

Solar screen shades are not totally private. In the daytime, you can see out and people cannot see in. It is just the opposite at night. If total privacy is an issue, the solar screen shades may not be a good option.

Solar window screens are your ultimate line of defense against sun damage. Protect your home’s interiors, upholstery and furniture while enjoying significant savings on your electric bill. Our solar screens and shades can stop up to 90% of the harmful UV rays from entering your home. Take your pick from our huge collection of solar screen shades Lexington KY.

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